Opera show

We live in time of high speeds. The clip perception of the world has become organic and vital. That is why the opera, in its classical, more than three-hour form, is often not perceived by the viewer. Of course, the directors are trying to find new approaches to the productions, introduce relevant topics into the classic plot, try to shock and use other non-standard moves to attract the modern audience. At the same time, opera performers popularize opera art, introducing themselves into the territory that seems to be “hostile” for academism – the sphere of popular music.

So, in the last decades of the twentieth century, a new hero enters the music arena – classical crossover (classic crossover), a genre in which high academic music is combined with other styles. Throughout the world, this genre is actively developing, continuously expanding the audience of its fans. In particular, he has become one of the categories so coveted for every professional musician by the Grammy Award.

“Opera Show” by Arina Domski was born of time itself and an urgent need to attract attention, promote, develop theatrical and staging traditions of the opera genre, based on its spectacular component, which can be very interestingly presented, taking into account the features of the opera as a synthetic genre.

“Opera Show” by Arina Domski is a striking, innovative musical and theatrical performance based on music and the plots of opera and ballet classics of the world. The Ukrainian vocalist, the owner of an opera voice (soprano), an authoritative musician with a musical academic background – Arina Domski, created a unique vocal show in which outstanding melodies of academic composers from different eras and fragments of famous opera masterpieces are presented in a modern classical crossover style. The show has a synthetic character. Proceeding from the genesis of opera as a complex phenomenon of art, since the 16th century, the genre of opera unites “different kinds of art” under its wing: music, literature and drama, dance, acting and pantomime, painting, costume art, theatrical mask and make-up.

“Opera Show” by Arina Domski is a new format of theatrical production, which has been successfully tested in our country and abroad. It will help attract significant streams of listeners to the opera house: both fans of the genre, and the broad masses of people living in an atmosphere of popular culture. In addition, the stylistic renewal of the traditional, centuries-tested genre, seems to be a prerequisite for its further successful functioning in the era of globalization and the convergence of the values of different cultures.