About Arina Domski

She is called the soprano of a new generation.

The unusual combination of classical music with modern sounding, strong opera vocals and an original show – help Arina Domski to win the hearts of listeners all around the world.

This young and undeniably talented singer has a very fluent academic vocal school. It’s hard to believe that behind the graceful andтattractive appearance, hiding a strong soprano. Her concert is a theatrical show in which an orchestra, ballet dancers are involved, props and video installations. Her music is in a classic crossover genre, a synthetic genre combining classical music with electronic sounding. Her life is a secret hidden from prying eyes. She is a performer, producer, director, author of his music, possessing great willpower and a strong desire for success.

Arina Domski was born in Kyiv (Ukraine).
At the age of eight, she began making music in the children’s choir academic ensemble. Performed spiritual, academic and folk to the music. She toured a lot and participated in various vocal contests. Over time, she became a soloist of the ensemble and even for some time worked as a choirmaster.

After graduating from the ninth grade of the school, Arina entered vocal department of KGVMU named after R.M. Gliera.


Arina Domski received a truly deep professional education in the best musical educational institutions of Ukraine. She is graduated with honors from the Kyiv Music College named after R.M. Gliera (class of Ekaterina Mamchur – head of the department of academic vocal). Received higher education at the Kyiv Conservatory (now it National Music Academy named after P.I. Tchaikovsky).

AT Conservatory Arina adopted the art of singing from the national artist USSR, professor of the academic vocal department Diana Petrinenko.

Show business period: 2007-2011

In 2007, in Kyiv, announced the casting for the first Ukrainian television project, and part-time and reality show “Factory stars “on the” New Channel “. Arina is passed casting and falls into the number of participants. Due to the difficult relationship with the production staff of the show, Arina leaves the project first.

A similar media demand for a bright modern vocalist clearly provided more chances not only “for promotion”, but also before total – for creativity and the realization of his talent. Much more than a specific area of academic music that is virtually devoid of promotion in our country. After the end of the project, the singer begins actively touring, releases a solo album and five video clips.

In 2011, she becomes a participant in the show “Superstar” on the channel “1 + 1”, where comes to the finals. After the end of the project, Arina takes a pause for one year.

Beginning of the classical crossover period:

After a year of creative research and work in the studio, Arina Domski presents his first single “Ti amero” in the genre of classical crossover with which she performs at a charity ball in Almaty (Kazakhstan). It was her first time in a new repertoire. The video clip for this song falls into the rotation of the British music channel CMTV to introduce the European audience to the work of the singer.

So begins the period of classical crossover music, which in western and American culture is very popular and in demand. At this time, in Arina’s mind, the idea of her own  large-scale concert project that can cover various social strata and at the same time draw public attention to the opera genre and, importantly, leave a huge audience in encouraged by the music show. And it’s important to fill this is a stage performance with classical music presented in a specific style.

It is known that the language of music is universal, and therefore has the ability to be understood anywhere in the world.

Arina’s success opened her access to the best performing sites. Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, China, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey is an incomplete list of countries that wish to host Ukrainian soprano. And this is not just a concert of the singer, but  also large events of world significance.


In 2015, a disc with songs of Arina gets into a production agency in Pekin. Extraordinary musical material, original stage images, and opera vocals have interested Chinese producers. Singer receives an invitation to become the main character of the opening ceremony Guangzhou International Light Festival in the third largest (after Beijing and Shanghai) the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

A grand opening took place at the Haixinsha Arena, where in 2010 hosted the Asian Games. Domski’s performance falls into a news story of local television. And the concert itself broadcasts the main China Channel CCTV. So the singer’s first performance took place in China.

In 2016, Arina again visited China with a tour where performed at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena. By the way it was from this site in 2015 that she began her Chinese tour American star Katy Perry. Within three days of performance about 54,000 thousand spectators visited the Ukrainian singer, and also saw the multimillion audience of the CCTV channel. Arina became the first European performer who performed on this location.

In 2017, Arina Domsky opens one of the most prestigious events – Summer Davos World Economic Forum, performed at the opening of BRICS International Film, the anti-terrorism forum in Beijing and the Ice Lantern Winter Festival in Harbin.

In 2018, at the invitation of the Chinese government, Arina Domski becomes the first European artist to perform hymn VIII Beijing International Film Festival.

In 2019, Arina collaborates with Chinese musician Wu Tong, Grammy Award Winner. Together with him and the Silk Road Orchestra, they record joint composition for Hunan TV’s project Changsha city.

Dubai Diafa Awards

Dubai holds an annual awards ceremony in 2018 International DIAFA Awards, also called the “Arab Oscar.” The ceremony of 2018 was dedicated to His To Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President country, the Prime Minister and representative of Dubai. Arina Domski was honored to open with your speech such a prestigious event that broadcast live on LBC and the largest music channel of the Rotana Music region. And also Arina Domski was awarded this prize for the popularization of classical music in the world.

In August 2018, Arina Domski first visited Lebanon with a tour, where she performed a solo concert “Opera Show” in the framework of Tire International Festival. After the speech, the Lebanese portal Elissar News named Arina Scheherazade, and her show “1000 and 1 at Night”, noting the strong opera vocals artists, an unusual presentation of classical music and an original show.

Also, the wife of the speaker of parliament visited this concert by Arina Domsky. Lebanon Ms. Randa Assi Berry.

Opera show

In 2018, Arina Domski presented a full-scale show in native Kyiv. Lighting effects, ballet performances, orchestra, powerful set design – the components of the show, which caused a resonance in the world of art. Opera Show is the intersection of traditions and eras. Based on the classical foundation, Arina creates a synthesis of time and moods, combining different eras and musical styles. Opera Show is a concert program that introduces the viewer to works ranging from Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending modern academic music. One of the main features The program is an original modern sound. Every song is a small theatrical story in which dancers and musicians. Bright, original stage images do not leave indifferent viewers. What happens on stage during performances Arina’s, far from conventions and traditions. Arina performs music in several languages; her repertoire includes songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latin, and Chinese. Today Arina Domski is conducting an active concert life expanding the geography of her tour, recording new songs and the whole by his creative activity proves that classical music in the modern interpretation is a cultural product that the spectator waiting for a long time!