About Arina Domski

Arina Domski is the only Ukrainian classical crossover singer.  Soprano with conservatoire education and original stage image. Arina performs and composes music in several languages, her repertoire consists of the songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latin and Chinese.

Her first single “Ti Amero” came into rotation of British music channel CMTV and introduced Arina to European audience.

This opens great opportunities for the singer outside Ukraine.  Arina tours all over the world, having already presented her concert program “Opera Show” in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Turkey and UAE.

In 2015 Arina Domski became the main hero of the opening ceremony of International Festival which was hosted in the third largest Chinese city (after Beijing and Shanghai) Guangzhou. The grandiose ceremony was conducted at «Haixinsha Arena» close to the world famous Canton Tower (the second tallest Tower in the world) which hosted the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in 2010. Arina’s performance was attended by the record 22,000 viewers and the ceremony was broadcast on the nation-wide TV channel of China CCTV.

In 2016 Arina came back to China with her show and this timed presented it at «Guangzhou International Sports Arena». During three days Arina’s show was attended by 54,000 viewers and it was also broadcast by CCTV. Arina Domski also became the first Ukrainian artist who has ever performed at «Guangzhou International Sports Arena».

In 2017 Arina also became a special guest star of the grandiose Festival devoted to the celebrations of the Chinese New Year in the city of Hancheng. The show was attended by 60,000 viewers. Arina also performed at the opening ceremony of The Summer Davos World Economic Forum in Dalian as well as at BRICS International Festival.

Subject to the special invitation of the Chinese Government and the nation-wide Chinese CCTV channel, Arina Domski performed at the gala dinner devoted to the 31st meeting of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) hosted in Beijing.

In January 2018 Arina Domski’s show was awarded “Arabian Oscar” in fields of arts DIAFA 2018 hosted in Dubai. Her concert program “Opera Show” won the statuette and such a prestigious award for development of the modern culture and popularization of classical music in the modern world.

And in April 2018 Arina Domski together with the Chinese pop singer Anson Ping presented the anthem of VIII Beijing International Film Festival.

Domski’s music crosses all the cultural borders and keeps on attracting fans from all over the world.

Arina graduated from Kyiv National Music Institute after Glier and National Music Academy of Ukraine after Tchaikovski, academic singing (class of Professor Petrynenko D. I.).