New version of Mykola Lysenko’s famous work “Prayer for Ukraine”

Soprano Arina Domski presented a new version of Mykola Lysenko’s famous work “Prayer for Ukraine” for the Independence Day of Ukraine, which she dedicated to all Ukrainians.

The video song became public on the singer’s official Facebook page and in just a few days got around 1.6,000,000 views. Ukrainians were actively sharing the video and could not but comment with admiration for this performance.

“It took about two months of work before the song came out. “Prayer for Ukraine” has got many versions, both choral and solo. I work in a compelling musical genre called classical crossover, which combines classical music with different musical styles. My key goal was to give a new sound to this work. We worked on the music setting for a long time, recording the choir part and combining electronic music with a live orchestra. Unfortunately, Ukraine has forgotten its classical music; you can barely hear it on TV and radio. By performing Ukrainian classical music, I preserve the culture of our country and promote it among the mass audiences”- said the singer.

“Prayer for Ukraine” is a solemn piece of music, also known as “O Great God, eternal! For us Ukraine do protect” or as “Spiritual Anthem of Ukraine”. This work was written in 1885 by the an outstanding composer and a founder of Ukrainian classical music M. Lysenko.