Grandiose “Opera Show” by Arina Domski is back to Ukraine

She is called the new-age classical crossover soprano. Ukrainian singer performing in the unconventional music style, presented her “Opera Show” to the Ukrainian audience.

24-members orchestra ruled by the conductor, six choir performers, eight dancers as well as six ballerinas added up to the powerful opera vocal of Arina Domski. The large scale show bewildered the audience. During the whole concert a tiny fair lady was impressing with her strong opera voice, extravagant costumes and scenography. Music is the core of Domski’s show.

Her original songs arrangements as well as the repertoire are completely different from what Arina’s classical crossover colleagues do. And this is what attracts the audience’s interest. The artist presented classical music and a mix of classics with far different styles as well as demonstrated an excellent command of vocal technique which allowed her to shift easily from sub-tone singing manner up to the academic one during the 90-minutes show. Arina opened the evening with Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”, namely with its first part called “O Fortuna”. (Fortuna is the Empress of the World). From the very first sounds of the song the audience sank into cosmos, being enveloped with the electronic spacious sounds of the song arrangement.

Huge video screen in the backdrop mesmerized with the endless shimmering of the stars, stellar constellations and planets. Ms. Domski appeared in a red cloak with the crown on her head accompanied with the choir performers on the stage, astonishing the viewers with her powerful opera voice. Afterwards the audience was transferred into Baroque epoch. The singer changed the outfit and entered the stage on a three meter high construction accompanied with the dancers. It should also be mentioned that the dancers changed the costumes as often as the singer did. A team of theatrical masters worked over the wigs, headsets and costumes designed specially for the show.

All in all there were over 100 costumes and headsets made for the concert. Each act differed from all the others. The viewers were travelling in time from Handel and Puccini to Chaikovskiy and Leontovych. Arina also prepared a special present to the Ukrainian audience, having sung the famous song “Shedryk” (known worldwide as “Carol of the Bells”) written by her compatriot Leontovych. The audience burst with applauses. It should also be mentioned Domski’s original interpretation of Cio-Cio-San aria from Puccini’s opera “Madam Butterfly”. And the first performer of this aria ever was the Ukrainian opera star Solomia Krushelnytska. Arina changed costumes and headsets nine times per night. Among the most prominent acts there was the song “Uletay” from Borodin’s opera “Prince Igor”. The fairy tale bird Alkonost from Vasnetsov’s artworks took the viewers’ breath away. There were included stage props in most of the acts continuing theatrical traditions. Huge harp, Japanese curtains, stretchers, horse, fans…

All these spectacular elements of the show took the audience into the fairy tale world. According to Domski, it took six months to elaborate the concert, starting from the scene draft to the light scheme. This process is very complicated and there were many people involved in it, including the technical group (about 300 specialists) as well as the creative art group who made tremendous work. It took three months to write score for the orchestra, make new costumes and props as all of it was made in hand. Special scene constructions were designed for the show as well as breathtaking video installations which were demonstrated on the huge LED screen (200 sq. m). One of the world’s best sound system d&b audiotechnik and light equipment (100 dynamic devices)

were used in the show. And all this was to create the necessary atmosphere for the audience. “I am not only the singer, but also the director, author and producer of the show. Thus, people can watch and listen what is going on in my heart and my head now. This is the world I live in” said Arina during the concert. That night the audience gave a standing ovation to Arina, being captured with the impressive combination of beautiful vocal, stunning light effects and the whole show. “Opera Show” is a new interpretation of classics! Info: Arina Domski is the only Ukrainian classical crossover singer. Soprano with conservatoire education and original stage image, Arina sings and composes music in several languages. Her repertoire consists of the songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latin an Chinese languages. In January 2018 “Opera Show” by Arina Domski won DIAFA Awards in Dubai. Arina Domski is the only Ukrainian singer performing in classical crossover style. She is actively touring all over the world, having already presented her “Opera Show” in Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia and Lebanon.