Arina Domski on Beijing International Film Festival

Arina Domski performed at the opening ceremony of Beijing International Film Festival

Red carpet, smokings and evening gowns. Beijing hosted the VIII Beijing International Film Festival. Numerous world stars among whom Monica Belluci, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalie Portman, Jean Reno, Luc Besson, Keanu Reeves, Sarah Brightman, Emir Kusturica and others have visited the festival during eight years of the festival’s existence. And for the first time in its history a Ukrainian representative participated in the event. This honor was given to the Ukrainian classical crossover soprano Arina Domski. The singer stepped onto the red carpet together with Chinese pop singer Anson Ping which raised massive discussions about the nature of relations between two artists in social media. The Chinese singer held Arina by the hand and was smiling happily. That night more than 200 film stars from China and other countries walked along the red carpet.

Traditionally Chinese top singers are invited to perform the anthem of the festival called “Me in your world”. And for the first time in the festival’s history a foreign artist was invited to sing the anthem. The choice was made in favor of the Ukrainian classical crossover singer Arina Domski who performed many times in China and whose original songs are very well-known there. Interest to the Ukrainian artist keeps on growing with the Asian audience. Together with the Chinese pop performer Anson Ping Arina presented the anthem of the VIII Beijing International Film Festival, having demonstrated the best of her vocal which made the audience to burst with applauses. This performance was broadcast live on BTV and CCTV channels and was watched by a record number of viewers.

Let us remind that earlier this year the concert program of Arina Domski “Opera Show” was awarded DIAFA which is also often called “Arab Oscar”.


Beijing International Film Festival has been conducted annually since 2011 with the support of Beijing Government which is also the founder of the Festival. In 2016 during the VI edition of the festival there were signed agreements for the total amount of over 16.3 billion yuan (2.5 billion USD).