Typhoon couldn’t prevent Arina Domski from becoming the main star at the celebrations in one of the biggest cities of China  

The Chinese megalopolis city of Shenzhen witnessed breathtaking celebrations on occasion of its 39th Birthday. The local authorities planed many festive events which were to take place during a whole week with the grandiose large-scale concert full of utmost complicated technical settings and fantastic light show to become the apogee of the celebrations. Nevertheless, all those events were in real danger to be cancelled due to 10-degree Typhoon Manghut – the strongest typhoon of this year in the world and the most devastating typhoon in the region in last 60 years. Hundreds of cancelled flights, thousands of broken trees and fallen road signs, broken windows and flooded seaside. It seemed the nature had its own plans which would have left the city without the celebrations. However, the city and its citizens demonstrated phenomenal discipline and did their best to neglect the consequences of the typhoon just in few days. And this was quite symbolic as these were the qualities which allowed the megalopolis, having acquired the status of a city only in 1979, to become one of the main cities of South East China with the population over 11 million people, nine subway lines and even its own airlines just in 39 years!

There were over 1000 people involved in the concert who participated in extremely complicated mass scenes. Shenzhen citizens as well the city guests watched the breathtaking drone show as well as interactive light performance which put “light cover” on each building situated nearby the concert venue.

Taking into account the growing popularity of the Ukrainian singer Arina Domski in China, Shenzen Municipality decided to invite her as the main star for this year’s celebrations. The Chinese designers made three dresses specially for Arina’s performance with one of them weighting about 3 kg as all the dress was decorated with stones in hand.

Mesmerizing vocal, fairy tale scene decoration, grandiose light setting as well as mass performance took the audience’s breath away.  After Arina’s performance the mayor of the city came to the stage to show the respect and special appreciation on behalf of himself and the whole city.

It should also be mentioned that the concert will be broadcast on CCTV1, CCTV2 and CCTV4 channels in October while Arina Domski’s “Opera Show” can be seen live on October 16 in Kyiv.

Let us remind that yearly this year the concert program “Opera Show” by Arina Domski was awarded with international DIAFA Award in Dubai which is also known as “Arabic Oscar”.